Niños en la escalera de acceso a la galería superior del Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes

Disability and Access


The building is easily accessible to people with disabilities. There is a lift that can take up to three people to the upper floor and the temporary exhibition room, and that has ample space for a wheelchair.

The building has various facilities for the blind thanks to an agreement between ONCE (Spanish National Organisation for the Blind) and the Community of Madrid.

2 Iconos de accesibilidad, en silla de ruedas (lugar adaptado par apersonas con problemas de movilidad) y señor con bastón (lugar adaptado para personas discapacidad visual)

Photographs and Video

Photographs and video are allowed with mobile devices (no flash and tripods) for private and non-commercial purposes.

For any commercial or professional film or photography it is required an authorization from the Regional Government of Madrid.

Requests should be made by email to:

*The loan of photographic material of the Museum rooms and their contents is made by advance request authorised by the Community of Madrid. 

Requests should be made by email to:

You can download, free of charge, pictures of the activities, temporary exhibitions and rooms at our  Flickr –CLICK HERE– .

For Those Doing Research

The Museum has a broad collection of works by Cervantes published between the 17th and 21st centuries, of which a large selection is displayed. 

There is an important research library with books, art magazines, works related to Alcalá de Henares and publications on Cervantes’ life and work.

Requests must be made in advance to those in charge at the Museum in order to consult the works by Cervantes and gain access to the library.

Requests should be made by email to:

Suggestions and Complaints

Suggestions and complaints can no longer be submitted on paper.

You can register them electronically.

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