Nouvelles exemplaires, Lausana y Ginebra: Marc -a Michel Bousquet & Comp. 1744, edición en francés, traducción de S. Martin de Chassonville. Calcografías Kent y Folkema


Collection of Cervantine editions published between the 17th and 21st centuries, of which a wide selection is exhibited.
It has a basic reference library.

Botica, espacio de trabajo del padre de Miguel de Cervantes contiene instrumental quirúrgico, como las lancetas para las sangrías, tarros con hierbas, vasos de cristal tafetado, un alambique... el sillón de madera para las actividades propias del cirujano sangrador ocupa el centro de la imagen

Decorative arts

Collection of medical pieces and objects, Rodrigo de Cervantes profession, and the daily life of a wealthy family
in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The museum offers you the possibility of downloading, free of charge, images of the rooms, exhibitions and activities they organize. Visit his profile at Flickr –clic here.

Filming, photo sessions, loans, consultation of Cervantine editions and access to the library is done by request, download the one that suits your interests and once completed send it to

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