Portrait of Gabriel Vazquez

Siglo XVII
Óleo sobre lienzo que retrata al teólogo y doctor alcalaíno Gabriel Vázquez, vestido con hábito jesuita, manteo y bonete con plumas. Siglo XVII

Oil on canvas that portrays the theologian and doctor from Alcala, Gabriel Vázquez, dressed in a Jesuit habit, cloak and cap with feathers. He holds a pair of glasses with his left hand and a thick book with his right. Next to it appear other elements such as a crucifix, a mirror, a bookcase with books and an oval cartouche whose inscription identifies the protagonist as «Ingenious Doctor Verenable Father Gabriel Vázquez Bellomontano. Society of Jesus Died in Alcalá in the year 1604, at 55 of his age»

Code: CE00546

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